Modern Lighting Systems

Our mission is to ensure you are completely satisfied with original lighting solutions.

What distinguishes us from other companies is the fact that we remain committed to providing the highest-quality products. Every SHILO fitting is developed by a team of qualified specialists using CNC machines. In the manufacturing process we use high-class steel and aluminium; the finishing operations include: grinding, polishing and spray painting.

An original programme  SHILOves you ! puts a great deal of emphasis on facilitating the work of Installers and Users of our system. A distinctive feature of SHILO is its system of screwless connectors, which has a special influence on the aesthetic value of workmanship. SHILO fittings are characterised by practicality and functionality.

We want to offer top quality fittings, which is why all stages of the manufacturing process are appropriately controlled – from the project to the final product.

Our products are characterised by a modern design and precise workmanship and therefore they meet the expectations of customers who appreciate comfort and perfect quality.


SHILO fittings do not include bulbs.

  Nevertheless, to ensure a comprehensive system of services, you can order bulbs recommended by the manufacturer.



Quick installation with no surprises

An original programme – SHILOves you! – offers easy-to-install fittings. A distinctive feature of SHILO is its system of screwless connectors, which ensures more comfort and quick installation.

We encourage Installers to share their thoughts and remarks about the functionality of SHILO products. We want the programme SHILOves you! to be a platform to exchange experiences regarding design and technical aspects. Our objective is to provide all our customers with the highest level of satisfaction from the system. We hope Installers will appreciate its benefits.


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